Q: By when should I make a reservation for a call girl?

Popular call girls can get fully booked quickly.However, any girls' schedule may be booked one week before, since they may not attend due to any unexpected illness or other unforeseen reasons in spite of your well advanced reservation. We may kindly ask for your understanding.

Q: How should I prepare to take service in hotels?

We have delivering to a lot of hotels, but we cannot inform here the hotel names. Please ask for more details on the phone.We ask you to relocate to another hotel if your place security is strict against outcall service.By all means you have reserve your room for two people in way-ahead in the event you want to be totally secure.

Q: Can I have to take a shower previous to sex?

Our service includes Indian ethic and traditionalerotic sexual service, body wash by a call girl using her body, we practice safe hygiene. Even if youhave taken a shower in previously, this service is mandatory. We may kindly ask for your understanding.

Q: Are the escort girls genuine Indian girls?

We employ only selected Indian girls only. Please be assured on this.

Q: Do you take foreign currency?

Basically, we ask for Indian Rupee (INR). US dollars is acceptable, but we charge a flat 15% commission rate, so we ask you to have Indian Money for the erotic session. Other currencies are not acceptable by us

Q: Does the Same call girl in the picture come for service?

Most call girls do not reveal their face on the website, and show only body lines However, we do not anyway retouch their body lines, the girl is verified the said girl for sure. Please be assured.

Q: Does 2 Hours means service for 2 Hours?

It is for 2 hours from the call girl's entrance to evacuate your room. The course includes preparation for sex and so on till finish. We recommend longer for guests who wants to enjoy our service fully.

Q: Why do my personal information is required for credit card payment?

We request the piece information for identity verification asa security process. However, your personal information is most confidential, even to the transaction company does not have information about your identity.

Q: I am an interpreter-guide. Can I book your call girls as an agency?

We accept an inquiry regarding this. However, we have to talk with each other to book and use our service. This policy is for better service delivery and customer satisfaction. We may kindly ask for your understanding.

Q: Can I change the course afterward?

Yes, Extension of time is available, but oftenanadmired call girl has a reservation for next session. In that case, extension will not be impossible, so it would be appreciative if you choose a suitable course during booking.

Q: Can I change a girl after I see her?

We do not accept any cancellation or change after you meet our call girl. We may kindly ask for your understanding.

Q: Why is the booking is on the phone only?

We take booking on the phone only so that our guests can speak to us and understand our service well before booking and have a nice enjoyable time.

Q: May I meet the call girl personally?

We strictly prohibit personal contact with our call girls to protect their identity and security. We may ask for your understanding.

Q: Can I take the call girl to my hotel / home?

The system of rendezvous course is our call girl goes to your love hotel / home after meeting at our pre-designated meeting point.Outcall service to your hotel / home is onsite delivery course. Our call girl visits your room directly.

Q: Is it OK we eat out at some place?

Indian girls are very nice. Please take her to a fine dining place. Please spend as if you were with your wife or girlfriend. You can spend lovely moments in the room. You can flirt with each other, share jokes, watch a movie together, listen to romantic music... and have wildest fun in the bed.
*Note: Commercial intercourse sex is illegal in India. So no negation allowed.

Q: Does all the call girls speak English?

We have most of the girls speaking English, but most girls speak basic only and few are advanced. All Indians study English in junior high schools. Please talk to her slowly using easy and simple words.

Q: I have used many times to your place. Do you offer any discount to repeat customers?

We are sorry, but we do not have any such regular discount system. Can be discussed case to case basis. However, we sometimes carry out special price campaign on "Fresh Girls Offer" on our website. Please check it.

Q: Can I have the night stand in the love hotel I used in other rendezvous course?

Please ask us in advance, regarding your companion, if you want to stay overnight. It depends on the hotel you choose. However, Indian love hotels are sometimes expensive for such type of accommodation though they are reasonable for short stay.

Q: Can I travel with her to some exotic place?

We do have outstation travel course. Moreover, it is only available calling in girls to some selected places only. We may kindly ask for your understanding.

Q: Can I exchange my contact details with her?

We strictly prohibit personal contact sharing due safety and security. We also totally prohibit inquiries about privacy of our call girls.We may decline offering our service to such a client if it occurs frequently and noticeably.

Q: I do not have Indian mobile phone. Can I make a reservation from hotel phone?

We ask you to download Whatsapp or other Aps with mobile Wifi if you have a foreign mobile phone.

If you have an internal phone exclusively in your staying room, you can use it safely.

Please feel free and call us!